Hon. Cecilia Mabinty Bangura

Hon. Cecilia Mabinty Bangura

Member Of Parliament for North West Region.

District Karene
Party: APC
Region: North West


Profile Honourable Cecilia Mabinty Bangura

Born on 16th June 1982 in Kamalo Town Karene District Northern Region of Sierra Leone.
She is an Administrator with MSC in Business Administration, Diploma in Human Resource and Teachers Certificate.


She took a challenge by standing as an All People’s Congress Party (APC) Candidate to compete for the Member of Parliament role in her constituency. She was intimidated and faced many challenges from her male competitors but yet she endure to the end and won the parliamentary seat  for Constituency 065 Kamalo Town Karene District Northern Region of Sierra Leone to represent her people in the Sierra Leone House of Parliament in March 2018.

Her passion and strong advocate for the empowerment of every age group in her constituency was noticed by her people which led them to vote for her so that she can be a stronger advocate for better employment opportunities and better Standard of living for the people of Sierra Leone.

Honourable Cecilia Mabinty Bangura was appointed Member of the health and sanitation committee, fisheries and marine resources committee and social services committee in the house of Parliament.

Honourable Cecilia Mabinty Bangura has identified Girl Child Education, Building School Facilities, Construction of Feeder roads and bridges, agricultural input supply, capacity building and training as community needs and she is doing all she can in the house of Parliament for these issues to be addressed.


Honourable Cecilia Mabinty Bangura can be contacted on;

Email: cbangszoo@gmail.com


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