Research Publication

Research Publication

The Research Unit provides services for parliamentary functions such as propose legislation, the budget scrutiny process and also their representative role during plenary deliberations.

The range of analytical support required will therefore vary according to the activities pursued by parliamentarians during a parliamentary session

The Research Unit is has a mandate from section 13: 1 & 2 d of the Parliamentary Service Act 2007 provides for the establishment of the Library, Research and Documentation (LRD) Department. The Research Unit which is embedded within the LRD Department will utilize evidence-based research, practices and processes to enable Members of Parliament exercise their oversight, Legislative and Representative function.
The Research Unit will undertake the aforementioned roles/responsibilities based on their Vision, Mission and Mandate.

Valued research service to enhance parliamentary functions

To provide relevant and high-quality research services to support staff of Parliament and above all members of parliament (MPs) in exercising their oversight, legislative and representative functions.

Provision of specific support to meet the needs of members of parliament (MPs) through a request-based prioritisation system

Proactively produce objective, non-partisan and evidence-based research products for all MPs; especially on general issues or specific topics that will require them to debate or may be demanded by the public for parliament to discuss.

Production of requests-based support to the Legislative Department in analysing the legal, social and economic implications of specific bills and laws

Collaborate with the various Parliamentary Departments to support specific research requirements through networking and coordination.

It is important to note that the Research Unit does not support the research needs of institutions outside the purview of parliament; especially that related to providing political support like drafting campaign messages and speeches, as well as academic research for staff or MP’s.


Integrity: We are motivated for the work we are doing and therefore will not accept gift, and extra payment for providing services to staff and Members of Parliament. We will demonstrate the highest level of ethical awareness and application.

Impartiality: We are aware that Parliament constitutes members from different political parties. With this, our work will serve all Members of Parliament and staff with equal respect.

Credibility: We strive for dependability, reliability and above all credibility. We will reference all our work from reputable authors in putting together our products for the consumption of MPs and staff.  We will respect copyright and licencing rights and reference information from reputable non-politically based institution.

Confidentiality of interactions: We strive to always uphold the highest level of confidentiality regarding your personal information provided to us in seeking our services. All our clients are unique, and all services offered to them will be treated as such and will not be disclosed to a third party.

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