Frequently Asked Questions

People have many questions about Parliament and some of them might not have been adequately addressed elsewhere on the Website.

We have listed some of the more frequently asked.

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  1. What is a portfolio Committee?

    A portfolio committee is a group of members of parliament assigned to shadow activities of a ministry/ministries with regard to policy implementation, administration, expenditure, legislative programme and other matters the House may by resolution determine. These portfolio committees are designated by government portfolios. In other words, for every government ministry there is a an equivalent portfolio committee at parliament, which is responsible for monitoring the activities of that ministry. For instance, the portfolio committee on Health monitors the activities of the Ministry of Health.
  2. How are members appointed to serve on portfolio committees?

    Members are appointed to serve on portfolio committees by the Standing Rules and Orders Committee. The appointment takes into account such considerations as political representation, gender composition, professional experience and any other stated preferences of members.
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