Hon. Abdul Karim Kamara

Hon. Abdul Karim Kamara

Member Of Parliament for North West Region.

District Kambia
Party: APC
Region: North West


Profile: Honourable Abdul Karim Kamara 

In 2016, Honourable Abdul Karim Kamara proceeded to the Evangelical College of Theology (TECT) in 2018 and currently a candidate for the M.Sc. degree in Global Leadership.

He contested the 2018 election and won the parliamentary seat to represent the people of constituency 059 under the All Peoples Congress A.P.C party in Kambia District, North-West Region of Sierra Leone. He is a strong advocate in the House of Parliament and has been a sound contributor to deliberations and legislative proceedings.

Honourable Abdul Karim Kamara is the Deputy Chairman of Youth Affairs Committee in the House of Parliament. He is also a Member of four other Committees. Finance, NGO’s/NaCSA, Primary and Secondary Education and International Parliamentary Union Committees.

He has identified education, health facilities, construction of community center, agriculture and good roads as key needs in his constituency. As his people’s representative, he is doing his best in making sure these needs are addressed.


Honourable Abdul Karim Kamara can be reached on:

Mobile: 078953538/031309950

E-Mail:  adkor121@gmail.com.



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