Hon. Ambrose Maada Lebby

Hon. Ambrose Maada Lebby

Member Of Parliament for South Region.

District Bo
Party: SLPP
Region: South


  • Committee On Foreign Affairs And International Cooperation
  • Committee On Transport And Aviation
  • Committee On Works And Public Assets
  • Committee On Communication Innovation And Technology


Profile Honourable Basiru Silikie

 under the Sierra Leone People’s Party (SLPP) and won in 2012.


He was passionate and as a representative in the house of Parliament ensured that Development is taking to his people which help to change the life of his people. In 2018, his people called upon him again to maintain his position as he was vocal and deliberated on issues well in the house of Parliament. He contested with other political parties and was victorious.


Honourable Basiru Silikie is the chairman for works, housing and assets committee in the house of Parliament. He is also a Member of two other Committees; mines and minerals committee and information committee.

Roads, education and agriculture are the felt needs identified by Honourable Basiru Silikie and his people and calling on Government through the honourable Member to ensure that these needs are addressed.


Honourable Profile Honourable Ambrose Maada Lebby

Born on 13th April 1980 in Njala Komboya Bo District Southern Region of Sierra Leone. He is a Procurement and Contract Specialist. He obtained a Bachelor of Science (Hons) in Sociology at the Njala University. He is also a certificate holder in logistics and supply chain which he obtained at UNIMAK. He as well proceed to the Global impact Entrepreneurship and graduated with Masters in Business Administration.


Honourable Ambrose Maada Lebby is an advocate and has the passion for politics that is why by the call from his people to become their representative, he embraces the idea and stood up as a candidate for the Parliamentary role in his constituency. He took up the challenge, fought hard and won the Parliamentary seat for Constituency 083 in the Bo district Southern Region of Sierra Leone under the Sierra Leone People’s Party in March 2018.

Honourable Ambrose Maada Lebby is the 
deputy chairman for transparency& accountability committee in the house of Parliament. He is as well a Member of planning and economic development committee, fisheries and marine resources committee and sports committee.


Access to quality Education, good road network, Health Care and Mechanized farming are the identified needs of people living in his constituency. He is doing all he could through advocate, legislative and oversight functions to solve these issues as to end the suffering of people living in his constituency.




Honourable Ambrose Maada Lebby can be contacted on

Email; ambdaleb80@gmail.com


Email: alfbash03@yahoo.com




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