Hon. Emilia Lolloh Tongi

Hon. Emilia Lolloh Tongi

Member Of Parliament for Eastern Region.

District Kailahun
Party: SLPP
Region: Eastern


  • Committee On Appointments And Public Service
  • Public Accounts Committee
  • Committee On Foreign Affairs And International Cooperation
  • Committee On Employment And Social Security
  • Committee On Fisheries And Marine Resources


ProfileHon Emilia Loloh Tongi

Born in Buedu, KissiTongi Chiefdom, Constituency 01- Kailahun District, Honourable Emilia LolohTongi is a Banker and Bilingual Specialist with a Higher Diploma in OfficeStudies from the College of Business Studies in France. She had worked in theBank of Credit and Commerce International in France and had also served as aBi-lingual Secretary in the Sierra Leone Embassy in France.  As a Bilingual Secretary, Honourable Tonginursed a passion for politics and with the call of her people, she decided totake one of her toughest challenge by standing as an independent candidate tocompete for the Member of Parliament role in her constituency. Amidst all thechallenges from her male competitors; the intimidation and financial hurdles,she was able to stand the test of time and won the parliamentary seat torepresent her people in the Sierra Leone House of Parliament in March 2018.

Her distinguished fortitudeand passion for Accountability, Health, Transportation, and Water issuesaffecting women and children has made her a very strong advocate for theempowerment of women through effective resource management; stronger andbeneficial international relationship cultivation and better employmentopportunities for the people of Sierra Leone.

The above focus andpassion did not go unnoticed as Honourable Tongi established herself as a verystrong advocate for the above-mentioned issues. She is therefore among the veryfew women Members of Parliament to serve as Deputy Chairperson for WaterResources Committee. She is also a member of three other Committees; the PublicAccount, Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation and Labour and SocialSecurity Committees.

Honourable Tongi hasidentified health- especially for pregnant women, safe drinking water andtransportation as major constituency needs for her people and therefore workingto ensure better legislations and oversight done for effective service deliveryto her people and to the people of Sierra Leone.

HonourableEmelia Loloh Tongi can be contacted on:

Mobile: +232 77920845

Official Email: lolloh.tongi@parliament.gov.sl

Personal Email: lollohtongi@hotmail.com

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