Hon. Francis Amara Kaisamba

Hon. Francis Amara Kaisamba

Member Of Parliament for Eastern Region.

District Kenema
Party: SLPP
Region: Eastern


  • Committee On Appointments And Public Service
  • Public Accounts Committee
  • Finance Committee
  • Committee On Technical And Higher Education


Profile: Honourable Francis Amara Kaisamba

Honourable Francis Amara Kaisamba was Born on the 3rd March 1976 in Nongowa Chiefdom in Kenema district.

He is a committed believer in the principles and ideology of the Sierra Leone People’s Party (SLPP) He first contested to be a Member of Parliament during the November 2012 polls. He comfortably won that seat and was duly elected Member of Parliament for his first inning. During his first five years in office, he deliberated well on issues affecting his people and was able to initiate development projects in his constituency. This accounted for him to be elected again for the second term in 2018. His people had faith in his leadership and were convinced he will continue to contribute in the House of Parliament and ensure legislations and oversight are done to seek his constituency and national interest.

He is the Chairman for the Finance Committee in the House of Parliament and also a member of four other Committees; Public Account, Primary and Secondary Education, Defence and Presidential Affairs and Ethics.

Honourable Francis Amara Kaisamba has identified pavement of feeder roads, available health and water facilities and construction of culverts as major felt needs of people living in his constituency. He is also a strong advocate for the transformation of the Eastern Polytechnic into a University. He is working hard through consultations with strategic partners to ensure the needs of his people are addressed.

Honourable Francis Amara Kaisamba can be contacted on;

Mobile: 078-612063

Email: FrancisKaisamba@gmail.com


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