Hon. Nenneh Lebbie

Hon. Nenneh Lebbie

Member Of Parliament for South Region.

District Bo
Party: SLPP
Region: South


  • Business Committee
  • Human Rights Committee
  • Committee On Basic Secondary Education
  • Supervisory Committee
  • Committee On Fisheries And Marine Resources


Profile Honourable Nenneh Lebbie

 Southern Region of Sierra Leone. She is a Teacher with Higher Teachers Certificate (HTC) and Teachers Certificate (TC)


As a teacher and a role model she has passion for her people that is the reason why she established herself as a very strong advocate for issues affecting people in her Constituency.

With the call of her people she ran for the Parliamentary seat in 2007 and was elected Member of Parliament for Constituency 086 Bo District Southern Region of Sierra Leone under the Sierra Leone People’s Party (SLPP). Being that she represented her people well in the house of Parliament, she was giving another opportunity to become Member of Parliament again for the second term in 2012 electionsMeaningful contributions she made in the house of Parliament during the ten years of two terms as a woman with substance, humble, dignity and above all doing things that most men in her constituency can’t do, her people has no choice but to elect her in the 2018 elections to maintain her position as a Member a Parliament.

Honourable Nenneh Lebbie has identified Women's Empowerment, Pipe-borne water and improved Road network as major community needs

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