Hon. P.C. Cyril Foray Gondor II

Hon. P.C. Cyril Foray Gondor II

Paramount Cheif

District Kailahun
Region: Eastern


  • Committee On Appointments And Public Service
  • Legislative Committee
  • Committee On Water Resources
  • Committee On Information And Civil Education

Contributions: Questions and Statements (Audio)


 Cyril Foray Gondor

Was born on 4th August1957 in Pendembu

town Kailahun district Eastern Region of

Sierra Leone. He is the paramount chief for

Kailahun district with a teacher’s Certificate

(T.C), higher teachers Certificate (HTC),

Bachelor of Education (B.Ed.) and Honorary PHD.


The constitution of Sierra Leone made provisions for

paramount chiefs to become members of Parliament

based on this he therefore became a Member of Parliament in March 2018. Honourable Paramount Chief Cyril Foray Gondor is in the well of Parliament advocating on issues affecting his chiefdom and helping in equal distribution of resources to ensure better standard of living of his people.


The following were identified by Paramount Chief Cyril Foray Gondor as problems affecting people in his chiefdom; Electricity supply, health facilities, safe drinking water supply and sanitation and improved road Network. He is working tirelessly in ensuring that policies drown are in the interest of his people and can address their problems.


He has been advocating on developmental issues and based on this he was appointed member of the planning and economic development committee and primary and secondary committee in the house of Parliament.


Honourable Paramount Chief Cyril Foray Gondor can be contacted on;






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