Hon. Peter Yamba Koroma

Hon. Peter Yamba Koroma

Member Of Parliament for North Region.

District Bombali
Party: APC
Region: North


Profile Honourable Peter Yamba Koroma

Born on 17th October 1960 in Makeni Bombali District Northern Region of Sierra Leone. He is a Development and Management Expert with Masters of Arts (MA) Social Development, Bachelor of Science (BSC Hons.) Gas Management, Bachelor of Science (BSC) Development Studies

Honourable Peter Yamba Koroma is one of the Sierra Leonean who has being working hard to help achieve sustainable development goal as his academic background is based on development. It is on this backdrop that his people honourably requested him to represent them in the house of Parliament. He accepted and took up the challenge and contested and won the Parliamentary seat and became a Member of Parliament under the All People’s Congress Party (APC) for Constituency 033 Bombali District Northern Region of Sierra Leone in 2018. 

As a development activist and with the vision to see that development is taking right across the country, he was appointed as a Member for the planning and economic development committee, fisheries and marine resources committee and NaCSA/NGOs committee in the house of Parliament.

As somebody who is passionate about happenings in his surrounding, he was able to identify Water and Sanitation, Improvement of road network, support with agriculture activities for livelihood and Education as problem affecting his people and in his own effort is advocating for such to be solved.


Profile Honourable Peter Yamba Koroma can be contacted on:

Email:  peterykoroma@yahoo.com






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