Hon. Rebecca Yei Kamara

Hon. Rebecca Yei Kamara

Member Of Parliament for Eastern Region.

District Kono
Party: SLPP
Region: Eastern


  • Committee On Appointments And Public Service
  • Finance Committee
  • Committee On Employment And Social Security
  • Committee On Environment And Climate Change


Profile HonourableRebecca Yei Kamara
Born in Koindu City Kono District Eastern Region of Sierra Leone on 28th February 1976. She is a Social Worker with BA in Community Development Studies, SCTMCTC, Diploma in project Design and Implementation

 Honourable Rebecca Yei Kamara is a woman with virtue, hard work, dedicated and always stands for what she believes in which will be beneficial to her constituent and the Country at large. Being a social worker, she has contributed immensely to project implementation and carried out oversight functions that will help change the lives of her people. Base on this she was called by her people to be the figure head in representing them in Parliament. She believes in the ideology of the Coalition for Change Party and with no hesitation run for the Parliamentary seat and emerges as the winner for the Member of Parliament position for Constituency 029 Kono district Northern region of Sierra Leone. 

Honourable Rebecca Yei Kamara is among the few women that were appointed as the deputy chairman for the lands and environment committee in the house of Parliament. She is also a Member of the tourism committee and mines and minerals committee.

She has being a strong advocate for the empowerment of a girl child and women and has passion for Education especially the girl child, Health, Water and Sanitation and Infrastructure including Roads, Women centers and Bridges as they are the felt needs of people living in her constituency.

Honourable Rebecca Yei Kamara can be contacted on:

Mobile: 076601898/077569848

Email: rebeccahon2018@yahoo.com / rebeccakamara@ymail.com



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