Hon. Rugiatu Rosy Kanu

Hon. Rugiatu Rosy Kanu

Member Of Parliament for West Region.

District Western Area Urban
Party: APC
Region: West


Profile Honourable Rugiatu Rosy Kanu
Born on 2nd August 1968 in 
Makeni Town

Northern Region of Sierra Leone. He is an

Educationist with a Master Degree in Education.


Honourable Rugiatu Rosy Kanu has been craving

to be part of the political affairs in Sierra Leone

in other to contribute immensely in bringing positive change on the lives of Sierra Leoneans. She decided to take a challenge by

standing as a candidate to compete for the Member of Parliament role in her constituency. Though he was confronted with many challenges from her opponents and also financial hurdles, she was able to endure it and won the parliamentary seat to represent her people in the Sierra Leone House of Parliament in March 2018 for constituency 113 Western Area District Western Rural under the ticket of the All People’s Congress Party (APC).

She has identified safe and portable drinking water, health facilities, micro finance, skills training and roads as felt needs in her constituency. She is making in roles in the house of Parliament for better legislations and oversight to be done to ensure that these issues considered as problem affecting her people are address.

Honourable Rugiatu Rosy Kanu has established herself a strong advocate for developmental issues in the Sierra Leone Parliament and therefore was appointed Member of the planning and economic development committee in Parliament. She is as well Member of the tertiary education committee and internal affairs committee.


Honourable Rugiatu Rosy Kanu can be contacted on;

Email; rugiaturosykanu255@yahoo.com





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